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2014 Best Website Builder Choices

When it comes down to choose the best website builder you have a multitude of choices. This article is bringing up the best available to date.

9 Superb Website Builder Tools 2014 | DesignZum

The design is basically the convention for crating any object and that object may vary according to various fields like business model, layout or it may be the proper structure that define the object in different fields. But, Let me go to our topic directly i.e building a website which requires proper knowledge about the programming language chosen for making the website. Apart from that it requires a lot of experience and skills in creating the best website that helps to establish the online business in any field. It looks like a very simple task, but actually its very tough job to create responsive website designs that actually convert the visitors into loyal customers.

But, What if you don’t have the proper knowledge on how to create a website and don’t understand the basic programming languages because you are not a programmer. One way to get out of this situation is to hire someone who can do this job perfectly for you. But, Still finding the right person for this task is tough and it also requires a good amount of money to spend. If you are already running a successful business and find yourself comfortable to spend some money then you don’t need to worry about it, but if you are just going to start your business and even have low budget than its very messy situation.

To get out of this problem there are some website builder tools available on the web which helps you to create great websites within minutes. The main advantage of these website builder tools is that you do not need to have any knowledge about programming languages, just a few clicks can solve your problem in no time. It doesn’t even require a large budget to create websites, if you are just a beginner and don’t have any knowledge on how to create a website than these website builder tools are the perfect solution for you. We are going to enlist up 9 best 2014 website builder tools which helps you to create responsive websites in no time.

1) Best Website Builder –  Webs

Start with this builder to create your website online at no cost. This site provides a great collection of well designed templates to help you find the best one for you. Also have some impressive software/application that provides interface for displaying videos, photo and products on site.


2) Awesome Website builder –  Web

You don’t need any programming skills, this platform provides a very simple drag and drop interface that help to make a impressive websites for you. I hope you would love to build website for you.

3) Stunning Website Builder –  Wix

One of the best platform where you can create your free stunning websites in just follow some few steps. Also provides a stunning collection of templates for making a impressive interface for users.

4) Amazing Website Builder – Weebly

A very powerful site creator that share some surprisingly features to help to make a high quality sites along with modern and unique themes for commerce sites for growing business online.

5) Great Website Builder – Yola

Follow few steps and get your attractive professional websites just in minute. This is the best way to create a professional and simple websites.

6) Impressive Website Builder – Basekit

Come here and create a beautiful and attractive website for your small business at no cost.


7) Website Builder –  Fatcow

Just select design and amazing features with in one click and find your websites for  free.


8) Website Builder –  Jigsy

No need to know any programming language just follow drag and drop interface, also you can modify amy theme with professional photography and looks grate on eve device.


9) Specific Website Builder –  Square space

Take a tour of this builder and make a perfect website for your business and grow on the internet with new features.


1400777314601 upload 2014 Best Website Builder Choices

Once you choose your best website builder you’re on the way to financial freedom.

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Web 3.0: The Uprising of the New Web Generation

The new WEB 3.0 format is making its way into the web world. As a result, every major internet player is revamping its face by using the new website design format.

In the below article we can see the history of the web and the way the WEB 3.0 format actually propagates.


Web 3.0: The Third Generation Web is Coming

The Web is entering a new phase of evolution. There has been much debate recently about what to call this new phase. Some would prefer to not name it all, while others suggest continuing to call it “Web 2.0”. However, this new phase of evolution has quite a different focus from what Web 2.0 has come to mean.

Web 3.0

John Markoff of the New York Times recently suggested naming this third-generation of the Web, “Web 3.0”. This suggestion has led to quite a bit of debate within the industry. Those who are attached to the Web 2.0 moniker have reacted by claiming that such a term is not warranted while others have responded positively to the term, noting that there is indeed a characteristic difference between the coming new stage of the Web and what Web 2.0 has come to represent.

The term Web 2.0 was never clearly defined and even today if one asks ten people what it means one will likely get ten different definitions. However, most people in the Web industry would agree that Web 2.0 focuses on several major themes, including AJAX, social networking, folksonomies, lightweight collaboration, social bookmarking, and media sharing. While the innovations and practices of Web 2.0 will continue to develop, they are not the final step in the evolution of the Web.

In fact, there is a lot more in store for the Web. We are starting to witness the convergence of several growing technology trends that are outside the scope of what Web 2.0 has come to mean. These trends have been gestating for a decade and will soon reach a tipping point. At this juncture the third-generation of the Web will start.

More Intelligent Web

The threshold to the third-generation Web will be crossed in 2007. At this juncture the focus of innovation will start shift back from front-end improvements towards back-end infrastructure level upgrades to the Web. This cycle will continue for five to ten years, and will result in making the Web more connected, more open, and more intelligent. It will transform the Web from a network of separately siloed applications and content repositories to a more seamless and interoperable whole.

Because the focus of the third-generation Web is quite different from that of Web 2.0, this new generation of the Web probably does deserve its own name. In keeping with the naming convention established by labeling the second generation of the Web as Web 2.0, I agree with John Markoff that this third-generation of the Web could be called Web 3.0.

Web3Image Web 3.0: The Uprising of the New Web Generation

We sincerely feel that web 3.0 can is actually changing the world because of the personal & individual focus, portability, engagement and smart applications brings to the end user. All we have to do is to look around – PayPal, Clickbank, Flickr, GoDaddy are using the new WEB 3.0 format

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